The "Gordon Downs" Aggregation - Lease By Tender

Emerald, Queensland


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"Gordon Downs" Aggregation



Lease by Tender


“Gordon Downs” Aggregation

Located 40 km North East of Emerald, QLD.

Approx. 17,534 ha Available


Comprising of:

Gordon Downs        12,595 ha

Kalarah                      1,469 ha

Langlo                       2,438 ha

Top Langley                1,032 ha


Expressions of interest are called for the lease of the aggregation or portions of the aggregation for grazing or farming.

A quality, well developed and improved cattle property highly suitable for fattening.


Estimated aggregate carrying capacity of 4,600 Adult Equivalents.


5-year lease term




Neville Crook (07) 4987 4999                                                  Brad Castle (07) 4987 4999


Email to register for information memorandum:                  


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